Photography is a calling that I heard early in life, but foolishly ignored. It wasn't until just a few years ago that it reappeared with a stronger pull. Amazingly, once I started to open my eyes with the vision of thirds and paying attention to the tugging of the sunset colors things started to feel different. I began noticing the things that Fibonacci puzzled over. Everyday settings became opportunities to capture time. Relaxing beaches became enticing models. Mountains became backdrops. Lonely boats had stories to tell. Fall Colors grew louder.

I am a professional in the sense that I am passionate about the pictures before I post them, and you have to pay to take them with you. Each picture on this site was taken by me and has a back story that has yet to be told. There are no random shots. Each is deliberate and captured for a purpose, for me. The subject always has to move something inside me before I let my camera capture it's image. I have fallen down muddy banks, stood in the freezing cold, battled with insects, waded through rushing water, and gotten too close to the edge inorder to get these pictures and enjoyed every second of the journey. I have also been fortunate to see the sun rise in many places and watched it set in others with a beauty no camera will ever be able to reproduce.

Viewing as many times as you like is free and encouraged. If you find any of my pictures pleasing or they speak to you the same way they do to me, feel free to buy them and support my expedition called life.