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The harsh reality of the world can overwhelm at times. The struggles faced daily by myself and the souls I mingle with all pass before my eyes and are seen with unfiltered vision.

But when I raise the camera and peer through the viewfinder my vision clears. The chaos and anxiety created by the world is removed and I see a picture. I see a story. I feel a calm created by a sense of wonder pushed toward me through the lens with creative earnest. I snap a picture. I stop time. I grab a reprieve and I carry it away with me in pixels full of color and form. The camera stops the insanity that is our world and settles it down to red, green, and blue channels. These gather light together and work to make something beautiful from simple bits, one at a time.

I selfishly take these pictures for me, but I happily share them with you in the hopes that they offer a moment of reflection. Although I tell a tale with the pictures I take, the story you see in each one is yours to do with as you please.

©Bradford A Chase

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